Melbourne Community Acupuncture

1260 Sarno Rd Melbourne, FL 32935

Returning patient acupuncture appointment.
New patient to the clinic. Includes initial consultation and assessment, orientation to the clinic, and acupuncture treatment.
B12 Injection (Methylcobalamin) without an acupuncture appointment.
Treatment on points on the ear is done with either ear seeds or ear "tacs". You will only need to be in the office long enough for the application of the ear seeds or "tacs". You can leave them in for a few hours or for a few days, or until it is uncomfortable. Then remove and place in the trash.
Schedule a phone consultation for Chinese Herbal medicine, food therapy, instructions for ear seeds, moxa, or cupping treatment at your home. Pick up items curb side at the clinic, or have them delivered to you.
Private consultation for Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Just stop by and pick up an herbal refill. Call first to make sure what you want is in stock. 321-549-8447